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The luggage and baggage claim is always an unexpected experience, and not always, the most pleasant one, either by their quantity, the volume of the baggage, and even their weight. Unforeseen situations related to luggage and baggage, such as the damage, loss or disappearance of the luggage, occurs more frequently than is desired, as so, there are several reasons why travelers may worry about their luggage and baggage.


That is why WEXPERIENCE is at the airport, benefit from our services, let us handle your luggage and baggage.


WEXPERIENCE has a dedicated luggage and baggage support assistance service, the traveler no longer cares about is luggage and baggage, rely in our professional team and transfers this concern to us.


WEXPERIENCE's dedicated luggage and baggage support assistance services include:

  • Short-term storage service

  • Luggage collection at the Baggage claim and delivering services to home, office or hotel

  • Luggage assistance in Departures flights.


Leave the hard work to WEXPERIENCE expertise team and have a light experience walking thru the airport with our team nearby.


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