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The WEXPERIENCE expertise team recognizes the difficulties that Special Needs travelers experience when facing the natural confusion of an airport.


WEXPERIENCE is also aware that, sometimes, the hustle and complexity of an airport deprives travelers with Special Needs from traveling alone, or if they face the challenge of traveling alone, the experience ok walking through an airport, may reveals an unpleasant one.


For these reasons, the WEXPERIENCE team is specialized to customize a special service for Special Needs travelers, either they are:

  • Unaccompanied minor

  • Expectant mothers

  • Elderly travelers

  • Medical and Special Needs

  • Wheel Chair Facility


WEXPERIENCE has implemented the necessary mechanisms to provide services to travelers with Special Needs. Our expertise team will provide the suitable services of escort to the aircraft, apron transfer, lounge service, car service, passport fast track, and farewell assistance, once the terminal transactions are over, our greeter escorts the traveler to meet the driver or the family outside the airport.


The WEXPERIENCE VIP transportation, may be an option, and int that case our professional drivers, will drive the traveler to the place of is destination, maybe a residence, an hotel, to a parked vehicle or whatever the traveler's need.


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