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WEXPERIENCE airport meet & greet services begin long before the flight Arrivals or Departures. From the moment you contract our services, the WEXPERIENCE professional greeter team starts the work so that you, your family or friends, your employees or clients, receive an impeccable assistance while in the airport.


At WEXPERIENCE you can rely on our extraordinary professionals who personal escorts you providing:

  • Welcome Assistance

  • Porter Service

  • Check-in Assistance

  • Passport Fast Track, during the process of walking through the emigration services, baggage inspection channels

  • Security Clearance / Visa Procedures

  • VIP Lounge Service, our greeter professional will escort you and your guest to the airport lounge

  • Duty free Services, enjoy the pleasure of shopping, our expert staff will assist you with your bags

  • Cart Transportation

  • Escort to Aircraft

  • Apron Transfer


Providing the best travel experience to your customers, is exactly what Airport WEXPERIENCE does best, contact us and get the next great travel experience.


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